Good News for Beginners

Good News:
1) The basics won’t take long to learn.
2) It doesn’t take long to start playing songs.

No Pain, No Gain:
1) You will struggle and get frustrated at times.
2) Your fingers will hurt.
3) Playing well does take some time!
4) You have to do the work, not me!

Here’s an Analogy:
It’s like a sport. Learning the rules of the game is like learning the method of guitar. It doesn’t take long to start “playing.” But professional athletes practice 6 hours a day to do what they do (and so do many pro guitarists). So give yourself some time.


Muscle Memory
It’s the strangest thing. One day you wake up and your fingers start being able to do what you’ve trained them to do. It’s called “muscle memory”. Your muscles, including your finger muscles, have a memory. Just like:
Typing on a keyboard
Shooting a basketball
Playing the clarinetYour movements become automatic after your muscles internalize the skill and do everything without you even having to think about it anymore.

Be patient with yourself. It won’t take long before muscle memory will start to ease your frustration.

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