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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age is a good age to start?

A: I have taught age 4 to 70 year olds, so it is never a bad time to begin. Attention span is the main determining factor for a successful young starting student.  Interest, experience, exposure, and ability can also be actors here, but many are ready at 7.  After a month, we are usually able to see if continuing lessons is best or if waiting might benefit a student.

Q: What do students need to begin taking lessons?

A: A guitar that is easily playable and tunable that will be available to take to each lesson and to practice with at home each day, and some guitar picks.

Q: What do students need to bring to their first lesson?

A: Their guitar, a guitar pick to play with, and a folder to collect handouts.

Q: Should my child take piano first or piano also?

A: Not necessarily, but my wife does teach piano students, and you can contact me about that.

Q: I have both acoustic and an electric guitars, which should I bring to my lesson?

A: Either is fine; if students will be working on a song that is acoustic or electric specific, I will let them know in advance which to bring.