Can’t Seem to Practice Enough?

Yes, your lessons will move more slowly, but all is not lost. A weekly session with a weight trainer is still beneficial if you do no exercise during the week. You will get into shape faster and more noticeably if you are working on your own between sessions, but you will improve nonetheless.

Unless you are at a professional or collegiate level, lessons for most things that require practice are designed to withstand a lack of practice.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you ‘practicing’ without knowing it:

• Don’t think of your practice sessions in just a traditional sense. You don’t have to have the perfect conditions of a 20 minute time slot of quiet with no distractions. Try to think of times when you have time to kill and consider using that time to practice. Sit in the kitchen while dinner is being made to enjoy the social atmosphere if it helps you (and doesn’t bug everyone else.)
• Even if you can’t practice, just picking up your guitar and playing it will help you. Every minute spent with the guitar does help. Yes, you have permission to pick it up and play ‘that one part’ over and over and over just because it makes you feel cool. That counts as practice too.
• Just spend a few minutes at a time. Right before you leave the room, right when you come into the room, while you’re watching tv, while you’re listening to your sister’s long boring story (if she’ll let you).

Interesting Fact: Jimi Hendrix was known by his friends to walk around (even in public places!) with his guitar strapped on him.  Also, his dad said when he was young, Jimi would often use a broom to pretend he was playing guitar!

You can see from this example that one of the keys to success in music is to simply do it all the time, but most importantly, have fun with it!Yes, there is a time for serious, disciplined practice, but if you don’t enjoy it more often than not, what’s the point?

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